• ★ Wanted recruitment ★

    Not one more person,

    Because everyone is there, I can do my best!

    Zans Corporation

  • Your opportunity for success to anyone! Kimi's dream, I will support you with all my might!

    «Shinjuku Thinking Exit Bar Wasabi's Home»

  • Endeavi

    \ To those who want to realize a dream, to those who want to find a dream! / Our company has representatives including representatives, freeters and many who have experienced days without work, so there is understanding in the dreams of the staff. For enthusiastically-appointed staff, you can forgive me "OK while showing in the office"! Education and experience are absolutely no problem! There are New Year's, winter · summer vacation, so I can drive in as much as I want to do! Employee dormitories and family allowances Shinjuku station west entrance "from Shinjuku station west entrance! It is a spacious space that you can see the night view of Shinjuku, and you can enjoy the exquisite Offering cuisine ♪ boasting delicious sake that goes beyond 200 kinds as well


    3 minutes on foot from Shinjuku Station West Exit

    «Treatment · Benefits»

    [Employee 1] Monthly wage of 250,000 yen or more (closed on Monday 6th)
    [Employee 2] Monthly salary of over 230,000 yen (closed on Monday 8th)
    [Employee 3] Monthly salary of 200,000 yen or more (10th day off)
    [Employee 4] Over 300,000 candidates for manager
    [AP] Hourly 1,000 yen ~ 1,312 yen or more ※ day payment available

    [Employee 1-4] Raising yearly bonus · Bonuses once a year
    [All] Transportation expenses provision payment (up to 20,000 yen monthly)
    [Employee 1-4] Social insurance
    [Total] Muffered Yes
    [All] employee travel available ※ Participation free
    [All] clothing / hair style freedom
    [Employee 1-4] Trial period Yes
    [Employee 1-4] Employee dormitory ownership
    [Employee 1-4] Family allowance Yes (spouse: 10,000 yen, one child: 5000 yen)
    [Employee 1-4] Participation assistance for various seminars / training etc.
    [Employee 1-4] New Year · Winter · Summer vacation available

    For detailed recruitment requirements to hiring page